Don’t Stop Belizeing

Belize you me we loved us some Belize. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself–way too easy. And yes. More Belize puns are coming.

Our trip to Belize was unlike most of our trips in that we stayed in one place the entire time and did not travel around the country, meaning we did not spend one minute on the mainland and were really never immersed in the Belizean culture. What?! And I call myself a travelblogger? You better Belize it.

We spent our week mostly relaxing by soaking up the sun, doing as many water sport activities as we could find, drinking and eating all day and night, and reading many many books. This was certainly more of a “vacation” than a trip. It may sound a bit absurd, but this vacation was somewhat enlightening; it made us see the benefits of sometimes opting to travel just to relax and recharge and not always having to be on the “go”.  Don’t get me wrong. I definitely made sure we got our fill of excursions and activities, as I can rarely last more than an hour lying on the beach or at the pool before getting up, grabbing my Kindle, or finding something to do–I get bored very easily. So this trip is my version of relaxation.

Immediately upon our arrival into Belize City, we boarded a puddle jumper plane and flew approximately fifteen minutes to beautiful Ambergris Caye Island, San Pedro. Although extremely short and absolutely safe, the plane ride is a bit scary and I can’t say that we weren’t left feeling a bit uneasy while people were being seated according to their size and weight. Although my fear immediately dissipated when I was seated at the back of the plane for being the lightest passenger. That’s right. The lightest. As in lighter than everyone else.

Oh stop. Did you really think I wouldn’t find some way to mention this tidbit?

There’s T–way up front. He’s kind of the opposite of the lightest passenger. He’s marveling at my light flight status.


We stayed at the wonderful Victoria House. Without question this is one of the best places we have ever stayed. The accommodations, service, proximity to the beach, grounds, and food were all superb. Highly recommend.

We spent a lot of time on the verandah of our beautiful thatch-roofed casita doing some of our favorite things: reading, practicing yoga and drinking delicious cocktails, all while surrounded by incredible views.



The Victoria House is luxurious without being pretentious. Cannot recommend this exquisite resort enough. While the Victoria House is technically a resort, it is not an all-inclusive resort, which makes it all the more appealing. 1507194_10203676517781360_1666748909136376516_n.jpg



Highlights of Our Victoria House Stay:

*Kayaking and paddle boarding right off of our dock

*Couples massage on the beach

*Its fabulous Palmilla Restaurant, where we ate often, including celebrating T’s birthday and devouring our snapper that we caught during our fishing excursion (more on our awesome fishing excursion in a future post).







Happy 39th Birthday, T! Another fantastic meal at the Palmilla RestaurantFotorCreated.jpg

Other highlights of our trip to Belize:

*Sunset catamaran cruise

*Snorkeling Shark Ray Alley (stay tuned for future post)

*Eating our way around San Pedro, some of our favorites include Blue Water Grill, Elvi’s Kitchen, and Pirate’s Treasure Bar and Grill

*Happy Hour at Palapa Bar and Grill, where you quickly learn that every hour should involve inner tubes

*Yoga class in the treetops at Zen Arcade Belize


Fantastic night at Blue Water GrillFotorCreated

Our surprisingly incredible meal at Pirate’s Treasure Bar and GrillFotorCreated.jpg

Happy Hour is so much happier when floating in inner tubes. FotorCreated.jpg

Sunset yoga in the treetops


Thank you, Belize for such a wonderful and unBelizeable vacation! #sorrynotsorry



Seeing is Belizeing: Planning Your Trip

Victoria House

Blue Water Grill

Elvis Kitchen

Palapa Bar and Grill

Zen Arcade Yoga


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  1. Amy

    You failed to mention if you secured a seat in the back of the plane on the way home after all of those fabulous drinks & amazing food?!?!

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