Idawho? Drinking & Bidding Gone Right

Remember that time you drank too much wine at a black-tie gala and proceeded to bid on and then win a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho all while spending thousands of dollars?

No? Me neither.

Typically excessive wine consumption results in regretful decisions and subsequently negative consequences. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Well, I’m happy to report that this was NOT one of those times. In fact, it was quite the contrary. Which further confirms my belief that wine really does do a body good and Idaho will forever be living proof. Feel free to use this mantra next time you find yourself in a questionable situation.

You’re welcome.

So thanks to my inebriated state and innate competitive nature (that paddle is so powerful! Surely I am not the only person who has ever felt a shot of adrenaline pumping through her veins during a bidding war?!), I had won us a week-long stay in Idaho. Wait. What? Idawho? That’s right, the Hill’s were going to beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho!

Idaho is just as gorgeous as its neighboring Pacific Northwest states–we love this part of the country–Oregon and Washington are both favorites among us Hill’s.  So while many responded to our imminent trip plans with responses like Idawho? Idawhere? And my personal favorite: Wait, you guys are going to Iowa? (which, to I respond: Um, of course. Someday. I mean, obviously. Iowa State Fair, I’m coming for you and all of your fried goodness one of these days, promise!), deep down I knew that endless natural beauty and adventure awaited.

Stunning views from our fabulous condo10552561_10204380479299958_6644490779449593817_n



So many fun nights on our veranda drinking wine, playing cards, and playing our all-time favorite game, Backgammon. In my head, I won every one of our dozens of Backgammon games. T recalls these games quite differently. Not sure how that happened.



Highlights of our Idaho trip:

*Fly-fishing lesson in the Big Wood River

*Whitewater rafting the spectacular Salmon River

*Being pampered during our spa day at the infamous Sun Valley Resort

*Biking and running the beautiful Sun Valley trails

*Taking in the stunning views from atop of Bald Mountain


A few months prior to our Idaho trip, we had gone fishing in Belize’s Barrier Reef and absolutely loved it. Due to its extensive and rich natural marine habitat, we hit fish jackpot and together we caught twelve fish. Yep, you read correctly, twelve fish. We knew that amount of fish was not the norm but I don’t think we knew just how unusual it was and how difficult it is to catch even one fish! Good Lawd! Hours out on the river and we caught zero. Zilch. Nada. Fly fishing is hard. Who knew?! Oh, you did? You knew? Well then good for you because we had no idea.

Our guide, Dave, of Idaho Angling Services, was knowledgable, personable, and extremely patient. He is a true pro and we were grateful for his thirty plus years of experience and love for the sport. Even though we didn’t catch a thing, I think it’s safe to say that this trip confirmed once and for all that the Hill’s are fisher-people. Not to mention rugged, outdoorsy, and downright Idahoan. Without question, one of the highlights of our trip.



Another highlight of our trip was our awesome whitewater rafting trip down the Salmon River. About an hour drive from Sun Valley, we traveled to Stanley and enjoyed a day of adventure amid stunning scenery. Highly recommend the tour outfitter, Sawtooth Adventure Company. Such a fun day!

Hello, Beautiful! The dazzling vistas of Stanley.10552444_10204380499060452_2483331920121612314_n.jpg




Biking the beautiful trails of Sun Valley10418262_10204380494660342_4732186053881303876_n.jpg


Riding the gondola up to Bald MountainFotorCreated3.jpg10404063_10204380490500238_1305168311264790179_n.jpg

Extraordinary views from atop Bald Mountain10526145_10204380491380260_7426010260829628023_n.jpgFotorCreated5.jpg

Our favorite meal of the trip at Knob Hill Inn: Delicious food with a wonderful ambience


Other great restaurants in Sun Valley: the infamous Pioneer Saloon (left) and Trail Creek Cabin Restaurant (right).FotorCreated

So next time you find yourself in an intoxicated state and contemplating whether or not you should bid on that trip to Idaho, I hope instead of thinking Idawho? Your first response is Idahofcourse!

Happy bidding, drinking and traveling, all!



Planning Your Trip:


Active Pursuits:

 Fly Fishing

Whitewater Rafting

Bike Rentals from Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports

Bald Mountain


Dining in Sun Valley:

Pioneer Saloon

Trail Creek Cabin

Knob Hill Inn

Ketchum Grill

Glow Live Food Organic Vegan


You Deserve to Be Pampered:

The Spa at Sun Valley


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  1. Amy

    It seems as though you have truly matured. T had always befitted from your excessive drinking- it’s just in a way more mature way compared to college days

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