Flower Power: Curing Hangovers One Tulip at a Time

I’m going to offer an invaluable piece of advice. Are you ready? This is pretty life-changing, so pay attention. Seriously. Stop looking at your phone (unless you’re reading this post on your phone…then by all means, don’t even think about putting that phone away) and pay attention!

Wait for it.

Hmm, I can tell you’re probably getting a little annoyed by now, but nothing in life is easy and sometimes you just have to wait for the good stuff. I’m dropping some serious nuggets of wisdom in this post, aren’t I?

Ok, here it is: If you are ever hungover (I know you would never be hungover, but maybe you know someone who has been?)…try to work with me here.  Okay, let’s try this again. If you are ever hungover or know someone who is, buy some tulips. Or visit a tulip garden. Or bathe in a vat of tulips–whatever gets you going–no judgement here. I am hereby declaring that tulips are the new hangover cure (and even if they’re not, at least they’re nice to look at–so really a win-win here, right?).

Seriously. Tulips are real miracle-workers. Following a night of celebrating our seven year wedding anniversary with some heavy drinking and eating at Amsterdam’s wonderful Vinkeles Restaurant (more about this fantastic restaurant in a future post), T and I woke up the next morning pretty hungover. Actually,who am I kidding?  We were f*#%ing miserable . But there was no time to waste; our morning tour of the famous Keukenhof gardens in Lisse, one of the largest flower gardens in the world, was beginning bright and early, and there was absolutely no way we were missing this tour. The sole reason why we visited Amsterdam in the spring rather than the summer was for these freaking flower gardens. I was not about to miss them in all of their glorious bloomliness (pretty sure that’s not a word) because of a little (read: a lot) wine and champagne. We were going to visit these flower gardens and love every second of it, dammit, miserable or not.

Disclaimer: If it had been up to T, we would have surely missed this tour. Thank the Lord I run things around here. I’m also a bit tougher than he is, so that also helps. 

After a forty minute bus ride, lots of Advil, multiple cups of coffee and complete utter misery, we arrived at the beautiful flower gardens. I swear that within fifteen minutes, we no longer felt like we wanted to die. We actually felt pretty amazing. How did this happen, you ask? Forget the Advil and coffee we consumed, I’m giving all the credit to all those amazing flowers. And no-one, not even you, can tell me otherwise. See? Miracle-workers!

Our first glimpse into flower heaven577311_3723797621399_1288608612_n

Happiness is this. Hangovers, you are the exact opposite. You’re pretty much the devil. 580552_3723823182038_1430905259_n









So there you have it: the incredible power of those Dutch flowers. Proof that you can have your tulips and drink your wine (and champagne, oh, and maybe port), too!


Get Your Flower Power On:

Keukenhof Gardens



2 thoughts on “Flower Power: Curing Hangovers One Tulip at a Time

  1. Amy

    This entry may have ruined my marriage. My kids were driving me crazy the other evening, so I self-medicated with wine. A lot of it. In an attempt to function, I dug up all of David’s tulips & rolled around in them. Apparently PA tulips don’t have the same healing powers & David is pissed. All of that aside, dreaming of a trip to see the tulips one of these springs.

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