The Palace Sounds Good*

If you take one day trip from Paris, make it Versailles.

Ok, full disclaimer: this was the only day trip we took from Paris, so I really have nothing to compare it to. But it’s my blog, so I can really write whatever I want, right? Right.

Now that that’s settled…

A mere ten miles from Paris, getting to Versailles couldn’t be easier. The RER train is easy, affordable, and efficient and depending on what metro station you leave from in Paris, the ride to Versailles only takes about thirty to forty minutes (take the C5 train to Versailles-Rive Gauche station). The palace is a short walk from the station.


Our first view of the magnificent palace:


Upon entering Versailles, we were immediately awestricken. The sprawling complex is the epitome of opulence, elegance, and ostentation. We found ourselves instantly enamored by its grandeur, all while astounded by the amount of excess and wealth individuals with power can so easily attain. Seriously, how on Earth did they get away with having taxpayers fund this level of extravagance?

Featured on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List for the past thirty years, the palace and grounds of Versailles are truly stunning–one of the most remarkable and memorable estates we have ever visited. Spending time at Versailles was among the highlights of our trip to France.


Hall of Mirrors: The central gallery of the palace and arguably its most recognizable room.  Multiple chandeliers adorn the ceiling, which is decorated with exquisite paintings commemorating the reign of Louis XIV. The seventeen strategically-placed ornate mirrors provide stunning view of the grounds.




The Royal Chapel



The Queen’s Bedchamber



The King’s Bedchamber




The Incomparable Gardens of Versailles: Without question our favorite part of the complex. These meticulously manicured gardens are ornamented with fountains, statues, canals, orange trees, and flowers. The most stunning gardens we have ever seen. We could live in those gardens. And we wouldn’t even need much space–a 10 x 10 plot would totally suffice. No greed here–I think we can all agree that the Hill’s are pretty much the opposite of all those Louis guys.








With my wonderful Zia, Santina, who planned our entire trip to France.






Everything you need to plan your Versailles visit:

Versailles Homepage

Getting to Versailles


*If you know what movie I’m referencing in the title, then chances are we are already good friends. If we’re not friends already, chances are we will be soon. #favoritemovieofalltime #iamakeem #sexualchocolate



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