Bath-it: Voting Not Required

Like the rest of the world, I’ve got Britain on my mind. And while so much uncertainty continues to surround the whole Brexit decision, there are two things about London and its environs that I’m quite sure of: 1.) I enjoyed the best fish and chips of my entire life while in London, and 2.) the city of Bath and its ancient Roman Baths make for a wonderful day trip from the city.

So although everyone seems to have their own opinions about the state of the U.K. and the global implications that Brexit may bring, I feel rather confident that many would agree that the idea of Bath-it is and always will be a bloody fantastic idea.

We visited Bath as part of an all-day tour, which included Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath (more about the first two destinations in future posts).  Located a little more than one hundred miles outside of London, Bath is a very popular day trip that is definitely worth taking. Renowned for its natural hot springs and eighteenth century architecture, the city of Bath became a World Heritage Site in 1987. The Roman Baths complex is absolutely stunning and has been beautifully well-preserved.

The Romans built an exquisite temple and bathing complex that still flows with natural hot water. The Baths are located below the modern street level and there are four main areas of interest: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and a museum.



At the center of the complex is the Great Bath, a pool filled with steaming, geothermally-heated water.






A visit to the Baths typically ends with a taste of the (nasty and warm) healing mineral water. It was downright gross, if I’m being totally honest. But when in Roman Baths, right?



So if you find yourself feeling the urge to take advantage of the predicted cheaper travel prices to the United Kingdom resulting from Brexit (The Hill’s are looking at you, Scotland…see you next spring!), no need to deliberate, vote, or revote. Just Bath-it. You won’t regrexit.


Planning Your Bath Excursion:




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  1. Amy

    Just wondering, in your extensive research for these posts, have you found out if the locals piss in the mineral water?

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