New Mexico: Making Waves and Playing in the Mud


I’m not exactly what you would call a Bob Dylan fan. I can probably name three of his songs–and I’m only certain that he actually sings two of them. And while I highly doubt that Mr. Dylan and I share a lot in common, at least we can both agree on one thing: Santa Fe is where it’s at (this is one of the two/three songs that I DO know).

Seriously. It’s a pretty incredible place and one of my favorite U.S. destinations.  For some reason, Santa Fe seems to be somewhat of an underrated destination and perhaps not the first place that comes to many people’s minds when it comes to booking domestic travel. Well kids, I hope you will listen to me (or at least to the musical legend himself) and quickly add beautiful Santa Fe to your travel list.

I traveled to Santa Fe with one of my dearest and oldest friends, Jenna. Over the years, Jenna and I have taken a number of wonderful trips together: San Francisco, New Orleans, Minneapolis, South Dakota, Detroit, just to name a few, and Santa Fe is without question one of our best together. Renowned for its pueblo-styled architecture, thriving art scene, and rich history and culture, Santa Fe is truly a special place that shouldn’t be missed.  But this post isn’t really about the city of Santa Fe (stay tuned for a later post on that); instead it highlights two glorious retreats within a short hour’s drive of the city.


Ten Thousand Waves Spa:

Where do I begin? This spa is the best spa I’ve ever visited (oh how I love basking in that spa life–Bali is just one example of that pure spa bliss). Inspired by Japanese mountain hot springs resorts, the setting of Ten Thousand Waves is serene and refined, without being pretentious. It’s a short ten minute drive from Santa Fe and nestled in the hills above the city. They offer a number of packages and for the quality of the services, we felt their rates were every reasonable, especially when compared to similar high-end spas.  I opted for the Buddha Retreat: three magnificent hours that included a private tub, a deluxe herbal wrap, a fifty minute therapeutic massage, and salt glow treatment. Oh how we loved this place…pure magical joy.


Entering our private tub:



Herbal Wrap:



Ojo Caliente Mineral SpringsLocated about fifty miles north of Santa Fe, Ojo Caliente is an easy day trip from Santa Fe. Tucked away in the mountains, the surroundings are absolutely beautiful and tranquil.  These natural mineral springs have been deemed as a sacred place of healing and rejuvenation for centuries. There are a variety of mineral pools to soak in including iron, soda, lithium, and sodium. One of the main attractions here is its awesome mud pool, where you can play in the mud and bake in the sun until dry. During the week, you can spend the entire day here for just $20 ($32 on weekends). An incredible deal and a lovely way to spend the day–highly recommend!

Playing in the mud:




Soaking in the pools:



So if you want to stay forever young, head to these two lovely oases…because let’s face it, the times they are a-changin’ and a little R & R (along with some mud) can go a long way.


Planning Your Spatacular New Mexico Retreat:

Ten Thousand Waves Spa

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs



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